Born in Nicaragua, raised in East Vancouver Ivy. The Pulse brings you the unique blend of sultry, soul, dance and feel good music. Surrounded by music her entire life Ivy found her calling as a singer/ songwriter shortly after high school. Seeking out any opportunity that she could find Ivy hustled; attended any auditions and open mic’s she could get her hands on.

Releasing her first EP “Good Time Girl” in 2008, “To be honest, I didn’t really know what I was doing, I just knew that I wanted to make music and I wanted the experience of being in the studio and bringing my songs to life”. The punk/ska-pop record ‘Good Time Girl’ did exactly that! “My first EP exposed me as a songwriter. It introduced me to musicians, to the process of creating a band, what it was to play live, and how to juggle not just music but the band’s schedule as well.”

Like most musicians, Ivy. The Pulse used this EP as a major learning experience from both the business and creative. Taking a two-year hiatus inspired by the loss of her sister Allison; Ivy headed back into the studio to work on her follow up ep “The Pulse” giving a very introspective and darker sound.

In 2016 Ivy. The Pulse headed back into the studio to work on her project “Chameleon”. This time with a newfound look on life, determination, and confidence recording her follow up EP “Chameleon” bringing listeners into the reinvented Ivy. The Pulse with a fresh sound. Ivy takes you on a journey from everyday challenges to feel good tunes. “Chameleon” set to be released March 2017.